My Top 10 Summer Beauty Essentials

Summertime is officially here and I am delighted to share my top 10 beauty essentials with you! I don’t know about you but there is something about finding good beauty products that excite me. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I absolutely love a good beauty item. It is safe to say that I am a product junkie. It’s clear I have an addiction (just kidding… maybe… haha). My beauty routine changes depending on the season. My skin changes in the summer and I seek products that provide the care it needs. The summer weather causes my skin to become oily so I rely on a few different products to keep it healthy and glowing.



  • Pink Coconut Calypso Micellar Body Wash
    In the summer, I prefer using a shower gel and this is definitely a must-have summer beauty essential. It is very gentle and leaves me smelling summertime fresh. This is a new addition to my body wash collection. I purchased this from Bath and Body Works.
  • Tree Hut Bohemian Escape Shea Sugar Scrub
    Exfoliating sugar scrubs are really good at removing dead skin and leaving my skin feeling incredibly smooth. I am in love with the scent and the glow it gives my skin.
  • Shea Moisture Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Body Oil
    After my shower, I like to apply this body oil. This beauty essential is lightweight and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. The way my skin feels and looks after using this product is priceless.
  • Pink Coconut Calypso Ultra Shea Body Cream
    On days that I don’t use my body oil, I like to use this hydrating body cream. When I use this product, my skin remains soft throughout the day. I also purchased this product from Bath and Body Works.
  • Escada Miami Blossom Eau de Toilette
    During the summer, I like to wear scents that are fresh, clean and/or fruity. Miami Blossom has a well-balanced mix of all of these scents. The hint of pineapple and jasmine will cause heads to turn.

My top 10 summer beauty essentials were difficult to narrow down due to my love of beauty products. This list could have easily turned into my top 20 or even top 30, but, I promised myself that I would practice restraint. I hope you find this helpful when creating your summer beauty essential list. What are some of your favorite summer beauty essentials?

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  • Reply Regina Brandon September 20, 2019 at 1:01 pm

    U know, Ma, my issue is when I moisturize my face b4 I put Make Up, it becomes gorged w sweat once I hit Sunshine?! I Cannot
    use Moisturizer, though I have this NormaltoDry skin?! Llol♡ Cannot put Soaps on my face! Not even Dove; not Neutrogena, etc.

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